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Mediation is an alternative to costly and expensive estate litigation that allows the parties to a dispute to confidentially reach a resolution of their differences in a collaborative manner with the assistance of a trained mediator. It is a non-binding process at Lewis Johs facilitated by Hon. John M. Czygier, Jr. the former Judge of the Surrogate’s Court of Suffolk County, who served in that position for more than seventeen years after practicing in the area of trusts and estates for over twenty-five years in the New York metropolitan area. While on the bench, Judge Czygier presided over thousands of cases dealing with the many types of Surrogate’s Court proceedings involving wills, trusts and estate litigation.  He appreciates that settlements are the preferred way to resolve cases and recognizes that mediation is especially useful for Surrogate’s Court matters since they often involve family members confronting emotional, as well as financial, issues.

At Lewis Johs, we are experienced in resolving disputes in a confidential, as opposed to public forum, and to do so in a cost effective and expeditious matter.

To discuss your mediation matter, please contact Hon. John M. Czygier, Jr. () at (631) 755.0101.