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Lewis Johs represents the interests of restaurants, bars, catering halls, commercial premises and other businesses facing liquor liability claims based on New York’s Dram Shop law. New York’s Dram Shop law prohibits the sale of alcohol to certain categories of people. Dram shop claims are extremely fact-specific and require a careful analysis of the various elements of proof and available defenses.

Our lawyers understand the nuanced and evolving liquor liability laws and are prepared to defend a variety of claims including those involving personal injuries, property damage and wrongful death. Lewis Johs takes an aggressive approach at evaluating each case at an early stage to assist clients in the post-accident response and investigation with the objective of limiting the monetary exposure and mitigating the potential impact on the client’s reputation.

A violation of New York’s Dram Shop law is a strict liability tort, making strict compliance with the law critical.  Pre-suit, our attorneys advise establishments that serve alcohol, and their insurance carriers, about the importance of strict compliance with state laws regarding service of alcoholic beverages to reduce alcohol-related liability exposure.  Lewis Johs’s litigators consult with our insurance coverage group to examine our clients’ insurance policies to ensure that they are afforded coverage for dram shop claims, as some business liability insurance policies exclude it.

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