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Practicing Law Institute: Specialized Deposition Techniques 2021

Posted: June 8, 2021

On May 20, 2021, Commercial Litigation Partner, Jennifer Hurley McGay, served as the Chair for the Practicing Law Institute’s Live Webcast, Specialized Deposition Techniques 2021. Jennifer and the other panelists discussed some of the more difficult issues that can arise during depositions and offered practical tips learned over their many years of experience on how best to handle those situations, including dealing with difficult/obstructionist witnesses and attorneys, complicated, multi-party, document-intensive cases, the use of witness questionnaires and deposition protocols, the unique challenges of taking video and remote depositions and ensuring that your deposition testimony and exhibits are admissible. The panelists also discussed deposing senior executives (“VIPS”), as well as the advanced use of Rule 30(b)(6) corporate depositions. Jennifer was delighted to have the opportunity to Chair the program and work with her fellow panelists on this Live Webcast.  You can access the recorded Webcast (for CLE credit) and the course handbook on PLI’s website (www.pli.edu).