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Stacey Gorny successfully obtains Summary Judgment and Dismissal of Labor Law case

Posted: March 2, 2020

Partner Stacey Gorny successfully obtained summary judgment on behalf of our client, a large construction manager, obtaining dismissal of all labor law claims in a recent Dutchess County case.  The Plaintiff claimed that our client was responsible for his injuries while working at a construction site, when he attempted to push a large heavy piece of construction equipment and sustained injuries to his leg which resulted in multiple injuries and surgeries to his Achilles tendon, leg and knee.  In dismissing the Plaintiff’s case, the Court determined that our client was acting solely as a construction manager and dismissed all claims under Labor Law section 200 and 241(6).  The Court further correctly determined that as a construction manager, our client had no authority to exercise any supervision or control over the work that brought about the alleged injury.