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Defendant’s Verdict in Medical Malpractice Trial for Michael Colavecchio

Posted: April 10, 2019

Partner Michael T. Colavecchio obtained a defendants verdict on behalf of our clients, an urgent care center and one of its physicians, in the New York State Supreme Court in Nassau County on April 3, 2019.

After Plaintiff suffered multiple dog bite wounds to her hands, she presented to the urgent care center.  The client irrigated the wounds, prescribed antibiotics and instructed the plaintiff to return in two days.  Plaintiff returned in two days and was referred to a hand surgeon by another physician at the urgent care center.  When she was seen by the hand surgeon, her hand was infected and he performed three surgeries over the next month.  Further, he diagnosed the plaintiff with an open fracture of a finger and osteomyelitis, requiring administration of antibiotics through a PICC line.  Plaintiff claimed long-standing limitations to her hand.

Plaintiff contended that the client committed malpractice by failing to order an x-ray, failing to perform a proper exam and failing to immediately refer the patient to a hand surgeon. She further contended that the three-day delay in treatment caused the infection, osteomyelitis, need for surgery and the resultant sequellae.

After an hour of deliberation, the jury rendered a unanimous verdict in favor of our client.