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General Liability Attorneys

The general liability attorneys at Lewis Johs have years of experience handling a wide array of litigation matters ranging from vehicular and premises liability claims to complex labor law and product liability.  Our lawyers routinely defend insured and uninsured individuals, self-insured corporations and municipal entities from immediate post incident investigation through all phases of litigation including trial, post-trial proceedings and appeals.

Our attorneys who have defended medical professionals and hospitals in high exposure medical malpractice cases bring a wealth of experience in defending the claimed damages in our general liability matters.  We routinely try cases to verdict in the defense of our clients in both state and federal courts in all of the New York metropolitan venues, and throughout New York State, and as a result have earned the reputation as being one of the finest casualty defense firms in the tri-state area.


Our clients rely on us to address their environmental concerns in both transactional and litigation settings.  Lewis Johs’ Real Estate Group provides guidance to our clients during their due diligence investigations relating to the purchase and financing of commercial properties.  We provide assistance in interpreting the findings of environmental studies in connection with the acquisition and financing of commercial properties as well as resolutions to protect the client if remediation is required as a condition of the transaction.  Lewis Johs has a large practice group that deals with environmental litigation associated with petroleum spills/leaks and the remediation work that follows.

Our attorneys also have represented municipal and corporate clients at administrative hearings and in litigation.  We have also litigated environmental insurance coverage issues in state and federal courts across the country.  This breadth of experience enables us to serve all of our clients’ environmental needs in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

Motor Vehicle

Lewis Johs’ attorneys represent defendants in motor vehicle accident cases throughout New York State.  We defend trucking and bus companies, construction companies, and municipalities involved in litigation arising from minor impacts to catastrophic accidents.  We have an extensive and successful record of defending complex motor vehicle accident injury and wrongful death cases.  We have an impressive record of successful outcomes and reduced awards at trial, in addition to engaging in successful motion practice to dismiss frivolous lawsuits.

Personal Injury

Lewis Johs has the experience and knowledge to successfully represent clients in personal injury matters.  Our attorneys routinely represent clients in litigation involving automobile accidents, construction accidents, premises liability, municipal liability and many other cases in which it is alleged personal injury was sustained due to the negligence of someone else.

Our attorneys have the ability to represent clients in such cases in state and federal court, and have the knowledge, experience and ability to represent clients through trial and appeal when necessary.

Premises Liability Litigation

Lewis Johs represents nationally known hotels, retail and restaurant chains, catering halls, banks, large shopping malls and commercial landlords, as well as municipalities and private home owners, in litigation arising from the ownership or use of commercial and residential premises.  This type of defense litigation typically involves issues pertaining to the creation of allegedly hazardous conditions and actual or constructive notice of allegedly hazardous conditions, open and obvious conditions, trivial defects, recurrent conditions, snow and ice conditions, the rights and duties of absentee landlords, assumption of risk, the interpretation of hold harmless indemnity provisions of leases, and issues regarding duties which are allegedly owed to third-party beneficiaries of contracts.

Lewis Johs aggressively evaluates and pursues indemnity claims and reviews and evaluates insurance procurement issues.  Although the emphasis of the firm’s representation centers on negligence-type claims, Lewis Johs also provides certain clients with representation before administrative agencies in landlord-tenant disputes and in criminal proceedings involving building and fire code violations.  The Premises Liability Defense Group also handles the defense of dram shop cases on behalf of restaurants and bars.

Premises Security Litigation

Lewis Johs’ Premises Security Litigation Group is comprised of attorneys who have extensive experience in defending commercial premises owners and independent contractor security companies against claims for injuries that are alleged to have been sustained due to negligent security or the criminal acts of third parties.  Our attorneys specialize in defending high exposure premises security lawsuits.  The Premises Security Litigation Group analyzes and interprets the indemnification provisions that are contained within security agreements on a case by case basis, tailoring the defense of the specific case at issue to the facts of the case and the needs of the client.

The Premises Security Litigation Group provides an aggressive defense in these cases, with the goal of obtaining a dismissal of the claims whenever possible.  One of our team members achieved a landmark result in a New York Appellate Division, First Department case wherein a major banking institution was successfully defended in connection with claims of inadequate security at its ATM machines.  That decision is often cited by other defense attorneys. Our attorneys also work with many of the country’s top experts in formulating successful defense strategies in these cases.

Elevator and Escalator Defense

The attorneys within this practice group have defended property owners and elevator maintenance organizations for many years.  Our general liability group consists of defense attorneys who have extensive trial experience involving alleged elevator malfunction, including claims of defective equipment and machinery.

We are intimately familiar with standard and non-standard contractual issues and all of the pertinent New York decisions with respect to elevator cases.  Our attorneys have worked with several prominent experts in the field of elevator defense and alleged equipment malfunction.

Product Liability

Our Products Liability Group represents a broad range of clients in matters focusing on strict liability, negligence, and breach of express and implied warranty claims.  The group focuses on sensitive legal and business issues arising out of allegations of design and manufacturing defects, product recalls, warnings, regulatory compliance and risk management.  We have represented companies in all areas of products liability claims ranging from Fortune 500 companies to small business owners including product manufacturers, distributors and retailers.

Our practice group has represented international product manufactures of food processing equipment and coach buses, and have served as national counsel to an international manufacturer of industrial farm equipment.  We carefully tailor our representation to our client’s needs, both internally and in the marketplace.  Our attorneys bring a practical approach to each case with a full understanding of the literature in the field and develop defenses utilizing creative legal concepts and expert testimony tailored to the specifics of each product.

Property Damage

Lewis Johs’ lawyers have years of experience in advising and defending clients in property damage disputes in state and federal courts ranging from basic residential claims to complex commercial disputes.  Our property damage attorneys routinely represent individual property owners, small businesses, large corporations and municipal entities in all aspects of disputes from pre-suit alternate dispute resolution forums through trial and have handled claims arising out of fire and explosion loss, fuel contamination, flood damage, beach erosion and construction defects.

We have successfully defended municipal entities against claims of private and public nuisance, appropriation of resources, interference with property, conversion and unjust enrichment.  Our attorney’s unique and aggressive approach to each case through immediate expert retention and on site inspections has proved invaluable to our clients.

Toxic Tort

Toxic tort litigation can be highly technical and complex.  The Toxic Tort Litigation Group at Lewis Johs has years of experience representing premises owners and contractors in cases where individuals claim to have sustained injuries or diseases as a result of an alleged exposure to toxic chemicals or hazardous materials.  The Toxic Tort Litigation Group also represents property owners in cases involving allegations of injuries that were allegedly caused by an exposure to lead paint.

Lewis Johs has also represented pediatricians in matters involving allegations of a failure by the pediatrician to properly educate parents in the dangers of lead exposure and a failure to properly test, diagnosis or treat a child’s exposure to lead.  One of the key elements in these types of cases is causation, and Lewis Johs aggressively defends these cases, retaining both liability and damages experts to assist with the defense of each case. For more information, contact Frederick C. Johs at (631) 755-0101 or

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