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Cybersecurity Lawyers

Lewis Johs’ Cybersecurity Crisis and Risk Management attorneys and experts work to protect companies both before and after a data breach, by developing strategies to address privacy, data security and information management issues. We help clients develop and implement security programs, as well as incident analysis and response programs that reduce the strategic and financial risk of data loss.

Capabilities and Services

  • Analysis of legal requirements under state, federal and international breach laws
  • Implementing risk-mitigation protocols relating to privacy and data security
  • Defending and resolving privacy and security disputes
  • Comprehensive assistance with significant information security incidents and breaches, including:
    • Providing legal support and coordination during forensic assessment of an incident
    • Serving as a coordinator with law enforcement agencies and regulators, when necessary
    • Assisting with impact, assessment and analysis of notification requirements
    • Advising on remediation and damage-management efforts following a security breach

Lewis Johs understands the need to respond quickly to minimize loss of business and to mitigate your legal liability. Our team of attorneys works closely with trusted technology professionals to provide solutions and, if needed, investigation and defense following a cybersecurity incident.

Practice Areas