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Education attorneys Jennifer Frankola and Maggie Cowley settle case for funding for a specialized private high school for student with special needs.

CB is a 17 year old girl from the Bronx who is diagnosed with cognitive delays, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder- Inattentive Type, a Non Verbal Learning Handicap, and Adjustment Disorder Depression/Anxiety. As a result of her unique challenges, CB has significant delays in cognition, speech, fine motor development, and social/emotional development. CB attended NYCDOE public schools for many years, where her progress stagnated and she regressed.

With the assistance of attorneys Jennifer Frankola and Maggie Cowley, CB’s father filed a successful due process complaint against the NYCDOE for funding for tuition at a private special education school and reimbursement for independent educational evaluations. Now CB’s father has time to help his daughter succeed instead of worrying about her education. CB is now excelling in school and is participating in a vocational fashion internship tailored to her interests. Being able to attended an appropriate has made all the difference in the world for CB and her family.

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