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Claims Of Loss Of Children’s Society And Services

Published June 21, 2016 |

Although aware that loss of a child’s society is not compensable, we still see it as claimed damages within pleadings and bills of particulars. Loss of a child’s services by a parent is similarly non-compensable unless specifically claimed and particularized as special damages. Based upon black letter law, claims pertaining to the loss of “society”… read more

Verbal Bullying Alone is Insufficient for Constructive Notice of Assault

Published October 1, 2015 |

The First Department in Emmanuel v. City of New York, affirmed the lower courts finding that the school district was not liable for negligent supervision, when a seven year old, 2nd Grader was assaulted in class. The plaintiff had reported to a teacher, on the same day of the assault, that he was being picked… read more

Families of Children with Special Needs and the Importance of Securing an Appropriate Education

Published April 22, 2015 |

In 2014, the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (also known as the IDEA) celebrated a decade as a federal law codifying the services and rights guaranteed to children with disabilities in the United States….[Read More]   By Jennifer M. Frankola, Esq    

Embracing Legal Trends: taking Risks, Diversifying Skills, Increasing Rewards

Published February 14, 2015 |

In a time of economic recession and tightening purse strings, many law firms turned to hiring freezes, salary splintering and department cuts – a typical knee jerk and cost effective strategic reaction during a financial crisis. Let’s be honest. It’s scary. When you are in the midst of any sort of crisis, it is often… read more

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