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Partner Stacey Gorny Successfully Maintains a Dismissal on Appeal

Posted in on January 3, 2019

Partner Stacey Gorny was successful in arguing to maintain a dismissal for our clients before New York’s highest authority, the Court of Appeals.  Back in 2015, Stacey was successful in obtaining summary dismissal of a well-publicized, multi-million dollar property damage lawsuit that had been pending in Supreme Court, Nassau County for many years.  In that case, the Plaintiff was a commercial downhill property owner, who claimed that its property had been damaged by the wash down of water and debris runoff from multiple rainstorms and mudslides, dating back to March of 2010.  In granting a complete dismissal of all claims against our clients, the Supreme Court determined that there was no evidence that the clients had altered the grade of their property or engaged in any artificial diversion of water.   After the initial decision, the Plaintiff spent several more years trying to appeal the decision.  Stacey was successful at every turn in defeating all of the subsequent appeals, including Plaintiff’s attempt to have its case heard before the Court of Appeals, which was denied.

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