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Partner Judith Littman Obtains Summary Judgment in Medical Malpractice and Wrongful Death Case

Partner Judith Littman, assisted by Associate Lisa Landers, obtained summary judgment dismissal for our client, an obstetrician.  This case was brought by the mother of the deceased infant, who presented to our client’s office with complaints of decreased fetal movement.  Diagnostic testing  done at our client’s office  was abnormal and the plaintiff was sent to the hospital for further evaluation and for delivery.  The infant was delivered after arriving at the hospital and had poor APGARS and required intubation and transfer to a tertiary  hospital for further care and treatment.  The infant was diagnosed with hypoxic encephalopathy, remained on a ventilator and died approximately one year later.   The Court agreed with Judy’s arguments, ruled that no issues of fact existed against our client and dismissed the complaint against our client.

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