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Michael Milchan Obtains Summary Judgment For A Rheumatologist

Partner Michael Milchan obtained summary judgment and dismissal of all claims against his rheumatologist client in a medical malpractice case pending in Supreme Court, Nassau County.  In the case, plaintiff alleged she suffered a mycotic aneurysm as a result of the defendants’ failure to timely diagnose the presence of endocarditis.  She claimed the rheumatologist, who saw her twice, failed to order blood cultures and/or refer her to an infectious disease specialist.  In awarding summary judgment to Mr. Milchan’s client, the court determined that  he reached sound conclusions in his area of expertise and properly discharged his obligations as a specialist in rheumatology by eliminating connective tissue disease as a possible cause of her recurring fevers.  Additionally, the court agreed that plaintiff’s expert’s opinions were speculative, conclusory and unsupported by the record.

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