Teri Scotto-Lavino Successfully Obtained Dismissal for a Radiologist in a Medical Malpractice Action


Teri Scotto-Lavino successfully obtained dismissal for a radiologist in a case concerning the failure to timely diagnose pancreatitis.  Plaintiff submitted to multiple abdominal debridements and multiple colon surgeries to eradicate and treat the abscesses formed as a result of his necrotic pancreas.  
Plaintiff alleged that the radiologist represented by Lewis Johs’, as well as another radiologist, internist, surgeon and infectious disease specialist, failed to timely and properly interpret radiological studies including CT scans resulting in a delay in diagnosing necrotic pancreatitis.  Based on evidence submitted to the court, including an affirmation of a radiologist, the court found the plaintiff’s expert’s assertions to be conclusory.  Further, the court dismissed the action and all cross claims against this doctor in that the radiologist’s limited involvement in this matter was timely and appropriate and reflected accurate interpretations of the radiological studies presented to him.


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